Personalised Hen and Stag Parties

When one of your gang is getting married, there’s nothing more exciting than the build up. Sure, you’re looking forward to the big day, but first comes the big night! The Hen or the Stag Party. Perhaps it’s your job to plan the big night, which can seem like a daunting task. However, there are so many helpful ways to make it easy to plan a great night.

Both the Hen Night and the Stag Party is a great night for bonding as many of the group will be meeting for the first time and are likely to meet again at future events including the Wedding day. So it’s an important job of the organiser to make sure everyone gets involved and has fun.One great place to start is by organising games and activities. There are so many available Hen Party Games such as Hen Party Dare Cards, or Mr and Mrs Quizzes. Stag Party games are similar with Stag Party Dare Cards to break the ice. There are lots of fantastic companies which organise activities for Hens and Stags, so search online for activities in your location or check with your hotel for recommendations.

Wherever you choose to celebrate, make sure you have the appropriate Party Decorations. This may be more important to Hens than Stags, but everyone loves balloons! There is lots of choice ranging from traditional Hen Party Foil Balloons in bright pink colours, to classy confetti and rose gold Latex Balloons. Hen Party and Stag Night Banners are a simple way to mark the occasion and show everyone what you are celebrating. But what’s even better is Personalised Hen Party Banners and Personalised Stag Party Banners for a surprise for the Stag and the Bride-to-be. Printing funny or embarrassing photos will be perfect for most Stags, as well as some Hens. But some will prefer nice photographs or cute childhood ones. Whatever you choose, the group will have great fun looking back at the memories. Confetti is a great way to decorate the tables, especially if you are having the party away from home.

Then there are some Hen Party and Stag Night must-haves. These include L Plates, Willy Straws and Inflatable Husbands, Wives.. or Sheep! Sure to always be a laugh at any Stag or Hen Party celebration. Many Hen and Stag groups decide to go with a theme such as 1920’s flapper or gangster complete with flapper dresses, cigarette holders, wigs, or flat caps. Others choose more traditional themes, with matching Badges, Personalised Tshirts or Tutu Skirts. Another great Hen Party Accessory is Hats or Hairbands, including Hen Party Boppers. Make sure the Groom or the Bride stand out from the crowd, perhaps with a veil, or a funny costume!

Getting all of the Bride’s and Groom’s best friends and closest family together is sure to be great fun no matter what you do, so don’t worry too much about organising and just enjoy the party!

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