Personalised Embroidered Aprons: Perfect Gift For Your Partner

Personalised Aprons

Cafés, restaurants and all those involved in the food industry, love to wear personalised aprons to market their product or catering service. Personalised aprons give a professional appearance and are a bonus in promoting a product or identifying staff in areas such as markets etc. where lots of individual business operate. Customers can easily associate staff with their stall/counter from a logo or brand on an apron, the imagery helps shoppers to remember brand names and food items.

Personalised Aprons

There are basically two ways to personalise an apron – through printing and embroidery. Embroidery is somewhat more expensive so it’s often used for the high end, heavy cotton aprons used in restaurants and hotels. Embroidered aprons are heavy use / wear clothing that can withstand all a busy restaurant will throw at them and will come up fresh and new after a wash.

Personalised Embroidered Aprons as Gifts

Personalised aprons are fun gifts to create and to give, in the knowledge that it will withstand tough wear and regular washing. The year’s gardening begins in the Spring and every home gardener will tell you they have lost at least one tool among the plants. Why not buy the gardener in your life a personalised apron for her/his birthday with deep pockets and loops for his/her garden tools. Embroidered with a gardening motif appliqué – it will be a much-appreciated gift, and all the more so because of the thought involved.

Shop Online, Design Your Own Personalised Apron

Personalised Gift Ideas

As with bespoke items of all kinds order your apron allowing time for the work to be completed before the due date. Some stores have a website where you browse for ideas. In some instances, they provide a facility where you can design your own, preview the finished design, order and just sit back while they do the work and have it delivered to your address. This saves all the hassle of driving to town, parking, possibly shopping with children along and contending with the prevailing weather. Shopping online also saves time and you will still have a gorgeous bespoke apron to present as a gift.

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