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Hen Party Ideas

2020 Bridesmaids! The wedding is just around the corner and fast approaching which means there is one very important task for you to complete first, and that’s the Hen Party. Planning a Hen party is an honour, but can also be a source of stress. Every bride wants her wedding to be as unique as she is, and her Hen party is no different. It’s likely you’ve been to a few yourself, and you know the drill. There are the usual traditions, the L plates and the naughty straws, but what if you want to make it unique? It might seem like everything has already been done, but don’t worry because there is one trick you can use to make sure your friends Hen night is like nothing you’ve seen before. Personalise it!

That’s right, Personalised Hen parties are truly one in a million and that is because by Personalising your Hen night accessories they will be completely unique! Include all of the old favourites, with a new twist. There are lots of options when it comes to Personalised Hen party accessories. For example, those beloved matching t-shirts can be personalised with the Bride’s name, her married name to be, her photograph and more. Perhaps you can choose a funny photograph, or one of her as a child. You could also print a funny photograph of the groom! Some parties like to Personalise each individual t-shirt with names or nicknames for each of the attending hens and this is a great way to identify everyone and break the ice. Personalised T-Shirts also are a great keepsake for all of the girls to remember the fun. If you don’t want to cover your fabulous new dress, then why not opt for a Personalised sash instead? This offers the same benefits, without having to sacrifice your style. Choose any colour you like, follow a theme or choose a contrasting colour to the Bride – anything goes! One thing’s for sure – nobody will get lost!

While planning for the fun of a hen party, don’t forget about decorations. It is still a party after all. And what’s a party without balloons? There are lots of printed hen party balloons available in party shops and often come in pink. But you can choose personalised balloons either and then every colour is available to you, if pink isn’t your thing. Confetti balloons are very popular with Hens, as are rose gold balloons and you can personalise them with the bride’s name to identify the party. Imagine how great they will look in the selfish!

By personalising even a few of your Hen party accessories, you will guarantee a unique Hen party celebration. Now all that’s left is for you to go celebrate it!

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