The Perfect Valentine’s Day Shopping Gift Ideas – 2018

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In 2018, every couple is unique and their way of celebrating Valentine’s Day is as varied as their individuality. Some couples like to celebrate with flowers, wine and chocolates. They may choose a cosy night in with a cooked meal sharing the experience of the cooking and eating or they may opt for a romantic meal in a classy restaurant with all the trimmings. Either way, they are intent on celebrating their love for each other and often give each other token gifts to mark the occasion

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Some couples use the occasion to ‘Spice up their sex life’ by giving fun books, games and toys or perhaps (especially for those who opt for the cosy night in). One may give the other a game such as a ‘Karma Sutra’ card game or a fun bell with the words ‘Ring for Sex’ or they may choose to dress for role-play, While sex is part of most adult’s lives, this is an occasion to celebrate their togetherness and have some fun.
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Perfect Valentine’s Day
As Valentines Day falls on February 14th it can be midweek or at the weekend when couples have more time but can still be celebrated with panache during the working week, with a little effort. Couples without other commitments can plan for a cosy evening by the fire. Dressing up in their favourite sexy attire – party shops give some great ideas on how to use costumes for a romantic role-playing evening. The couple can become two characters from their favourite sci-fi movie for the evening or they may prefer to act out characters from the Roaring Twenties such as ‘The Great Gatsby’.
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Shopping Gift Ideas
For those who prefer more low-key celebration, laser engraved champagne flutes with their names and the date are a great option. Chocolates and roses are traditionally associated with romance and are a welcome and safe gift for those who may have only just met or are just getting to know each other.

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