Perfect Fancy Dress Costume Ideas

Fancy Dress Costume

When you get an invite to a party with a theme, there is often a fancy dress request and the idea of having to sort out fancy dress costumes for you and your sometimes unwilling partner can seem daunting and put you off what could be a great night out. Instead of a last minute rush, or a half baked home made costume, why not visit us at our party shop?


We don’t just provide a wide range of party supplies suitable for all events and occasions, we also sell and rent a wide variety of fancy dress costumes for all ages and sizes. What ever you are looking for, we’re sure to have it, and if you aren’t sure what you want, you can browse and get some ideas before making a decision. We know you can find something you are comfortable with; you don’t have to don a cat-suit and scale walls if you’re a bit shy, and you don’t have to wear tights and watch out for the bat signal if you think it would damage your manly image! We can make sure you wear something you enjoy not suffer through!


We have something for every occasion. Halloween is coming up, and we will have the widest range of costumes. We’ll have all the usual favorites such as cats, witches, ghosts and ghouls, but we’ll also have some more unusual ideas for if you want to stand out from the crowd including film characters, cartoon characters and comedy novelty costumes. We have all the accessories you might need to complete your costume such as wigs, hats, jewelery and make up.


If you’re the one throwing the party, we also stock anything you might need for the big night for any colour or theme, including an imaginative and wide range of decorations, table wear such as plates, serviettes, cutlery and table clothes, and party favours. If you’re throwing a kids party we can also supply items for party bags like toys and novelties.

If you’re looking to throw or go to the best party in town, you need to visit us at the best party shop in town, for everything you need. We can let you browse at your leisure or help you pick something out, we can give as much or as little assistance as you want. We’re here for you.

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