Most Popular Christmas Accessories Of All Time

Santa Cap

When you think about Christmas accessories, what comes to mind? The little things that add exciting and fun to the festive period. Things like a new protective case for his phone – probably a chunky item for the sports playing friend who regularly drops his device as he bends to pick up golf balls or a bling diamante encrusted case for her.

Christmas accessories

Personally, I love Christmas decorations, little ones picked up during the year in my travels that remind me of these places in the dark of winter as they sit among the tinsel on the tree or pairs of decorations shared with friends that connect us as we each suspend them from the yuletide branches.

Sentimental Gifts and Accessories

Christmas is a sentimental time so any item that’s evokes nostalgia is popular. Times change and habits evolve. Smoking was once a popular occupation and lighters were a fashion – they were a very popular gift accessory at that time. These items are still available but are now used more as ornaments and quirky or retro gifts.


Many families have their own traditions around Christmas that will be passed on to future generations. Personalised Christmas accessories of any type are always popular and are ‘keepers’ preserved and loved because of the thoughtfulness of the giver or because they mark a momentous period in that person’s life.

Nostalgia Plays a Huge Part in Popularity

Most people consider a particular toy they received as a child to be the outstanding memory and often seek to locate that same toy for their own children when the time comes. Take for instance Meccano and Lego these toys are still popular 40 / 50 years later because the parents have fond memories of their own childhood Christmas’s with their own family and want to share this with the next generation.

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