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The Hen Party is arguably one of the most exciting parts of getting married, and all of the girls look forward to it from the day you tell them you’re engaged. It’s a fantastic chance to get all the girls in your life together to have your ultimate party. Mothers, Sisters, Old and New Friends, Aunts, Cousins, Co-workers.. everyone gets an invite! Lets just hope they all get along now. The job of organising the Hen Party usually falls on the Maid of Honour and the Bridesmaids, and it isn’t an easy task. Ensuring that everyone is happy and accounted for, and most of all that the Bride to be loves every minute, can be complicated and stressful. But in the end, you’re all going to have a great time and the planning responsibilities will be long forgotten.

Hen PartyAfter you’ve chosen the destination, booked the accommodation and any entertainment, all that’s left to do is to grab some Hen Party Accessories to finish it off. Hen party accessories can include Hen Party decorations, games or wearables. Starting with decorations, depending on your destination and venue you will have to consider what is feasible to bring or what you are allowed to do. Some restaurants won’t allow banners or confetti for example so ring ahead and check what you can get away with. Balloons are usually a safe option as they can be easily carried away once you’re finished. They are also a great way to identify the party so that everyone knows what you are there to do. Personalised Balloons are becoming really popular and can be a nice surprise for the Bride. They also look fabulous in photos!

Hen Party Games are increasingly popular as they are a great way to ensure everyone mixes well and that there are no lulls in the night. Dare-based games are often picked as it gets the Hens up and moving around and usually gives everyone a great laugh. They are usually quite harmless too so other people around don’t mind taking part. There are other types of games too, some are naughty some are nice so you’ll find something to suit every type of party.

Hen Party Accessories

Lastly, you can’t talk about Hen Party Accessories without mentioning wearable accessories. Hen Parties are renowned for wearing matching accessories. This helps them to stand out and let everyone know who the Bride to be is to ensure she gets lots of attention on her big night. They’re also a nice souvenir for the Hens to bring home and remember the night. Hen Party Tshirts have been popular for years, and it’s easy to see why. These can be printed with photographs, such as funny or childhood photos of the Bride. They can also feature funny messages, in-jokes, nicknames or just simply details of who the Bride is and where the Hen Night is taking place. They can also help to seal a theme if you have picked something specific. However, some Hens prefer to wear their own outfits and so a great way to match accessories while maintaining everyone’s freedom is by choosing Hen Party Badges, Sashes or head accessories. The first two can be personalised too so are very popular with groups. They also are usually more cost-effective, especially if you have a large party to deal with.

A great way of presenting Hen Party Accessories is in a Hen Party Gift Bag. The girls will love receiving theirs and rooting through to see what treasure is inside. Hen Party Accessories are a good way to ensure the fun keeps on going and help to break the ice between strangers. There are lots of options so picking a theme may make your choice easier. Hopefully they will help to take some of the planning stress away.

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