Make Your First Communion Party A Joyous Affair

First Communion Gifts for Boys and Girls

Parents in Ireland and other European countries wait for the day when their dear children will go through the first Holy Communion. It is an important occasion in the life of a young Catholic. It marks the admission of a young child into the body of the Catholic Church, and is a time of big celebration for Catholic families based across the globe. First communion is not only a religious affair but also it is a time for fun and celebration. Most people have a large celebration to mark the event of their child’s covenants and relationship with Christ. But throwing a good First Communion party takes some planning, and as the season for First Communion rites is generally short lived, so, it is quite essential to begin the planning early.


Choose the best color: When you want to celebrate your child’s First Communion with your relatives and friends, you should make sure that the celebration is both meaningful and joyful. This is because it is such a great occasion where your child makes first connection with God. You can take this opportunity to celebrate this occasion with family and friends. If you want to organize a Communion celebration, you will surely need First Communion party supplies. Depending upon the color that you want to go with for this celebration, there are many choices available both at physical stores and online market. Most parents choose white because of its significance and symbolism of purity, but you can choose totally a different color if it suits your interest. Depending on the exact color you choose for this important party, you can find first Communion party supplies in any popular party supply store in Ireland.

Decide the number of guests: An important point to note is that you have to decide the number of guests before purchasing any supplies for the party. If you are simply serving beverages to your guests, then you may just need cups and small plates for cookies or other snacks. If you want to make it a grand affair as most First Communions are, then you will surely need a whole array of party supplies. You can get specialized supplies and other decorations items such as candles, banners and other things. If you want the First Communion celebration at outdoors, you will need banners and other celebratory items bearing your child’s name and the fact that it is a First Communion celebration. You can go for personalized communion candles for the party.

Look for discounts: The First Communion only comes once in the life of your child and so you will want to make the occasion special. You will be delighted to know that First Holy Communion party supplies are available in several different places in the online world. You can usually get these First Communion party supplies much cheaper at so many online stores, especially if you buy in bulk for fifty guests or more. You can get discounts and other offers and it can save some money for you.

You can arrange the party both indoors and outdoors. You can go with just white if you wish, but specialized supplies including candles will make for a more memorable party. You can shop for cheap first communion party supplies at online stores. You can get best deals and offers from time to time.

See video of CelebrateIt decorations on Confirmation party at Templomore Arms Hotel, Ireland.

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