Look Your Most Glamorous Self With a Fabulous Irish Fancy Costume Dress

Fancy Dress - Swirl dress

A fancy dress Costume shop is the place to stop over for your Irish fancy dress costume. There are so many typical Irish costumes to try out, the most famous being the leprechaun costume. It’s available in so many styles ranging from classic to sexy. Make your look one that turns others green with envy with a stylish leprechaun costume. It’s available for both men and women.

Tips On How To Find The Best Irish Fancy Dress

A typical male Irish Leprechaun costume consists of a jumpsuit, top hat with a green shamrock printed on it, ginger beard and boots. You can add-on accessories for the costume with shamrock glasses or black boot covers. The costume is perfect for any Irish theme party or St. Patrick day’s celebration. A women’s leprechaun’s dress usually made from satin and is of green color. It can come with a similar color jacket. Accessories include a top hat in green color with a shamrock printed on it, black belt, boots and a gold buckle. In order to complete the leprechaun look, you need a pot of gold which is usually included with the costume.


Another popular Irish fancy dress costume is St. Patrick himself. Dressing up as the patron saint is indeed fun and exciting. The costume will come with a huge tunic, which is covered by a large jacket and a priest’s hat.

There are many other Irish fancy dress costumes that you can check out such as a Woodland Fairy, St.Patrick’s Day Dress, Shamrock Body Suit, Green Tuxedos, Leprechaun Mascot Costume, Green Superhero Costume, Beer Girl Costume etc. The costumes are in green color and usually have shamrock printed on them. They come with a variety of accessories that are used to set off the costume’s look. In addition to costumes, a fancy dress costume shop also sells party accessories such as flags, balloon, plats, wigs, hats, pot of gold, shamrock stickers, shamrock fountain, shamrock tinsle tree etc, all of which will be required in an Irish theme party or during St. Patrick’s day. Usually people try out accessories like large size glasses, star shaped glasses, beer bottle shaped glasses, funny green hats to bring off the Irish St. Patrick day costume look.


Before buying a fancy dress costume it important to look into a few points. The costume must be made from comfortable material. You don’t want to feel stuffy in it when it has to be worn for a couple of hours together. Look for costumes that come with accessories that make way for a great look. Otherwise, you would have to spend time in finding accessories that match with it. A low cost costume may not be of a good quality. Remember, you might want to use the costume again, within the same year or within the same month for another party. A costume that’s made from good material will last longer and look great no matter how many times it is used.

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