Irish Music & Art’s Festival Accessories

Summertime in Ireland is dotted with weekend music and arts festivals. The newest addition in 2018 ‘All Together Now’ in Curragmore Estate outside Portlaw proved to be a fantastic success. Those who attended considered it on a par with Electric Picnic which has been running for 10 years but more family oriented, with the same quality performances but without the queues (for everything) that are part and parcel of larger established festivals. Galway Arts Festival is in July and of course, there is our own Kilkenny Art’s Festival which has been running since 1974.

That said, Electric Picnic is much loved by almost a generation of festival goers who faithfully attend each year.

spider man

Costumes for Festivals

Browse through our website for a vast collection of costumes for Period Characters, Superheroes, Supervillains and wonderful outfits for Fairytale Queens, Kings, Witches and Ghouls. We have entire outfits for TV, Novel and Film characters complete with masks, wigs, and accessories such as gloves, eye patches, swords, feather boas and hats. Go to the festival as yourself or take your pick from our extensive costume racks.

Witch Costume

Face Paints for Festivals

We have a wonderful selection of face paints, hair sprays, latex and glitter accessories for those who want to add colour and character more creatively. Check out our selection of neon wrist and headbands, we have an amazing selection of quirky sunglasses and inflatable musical instruments.

Chucky face paint

Celebrate in Style with Disposable Drinking Glasses

A glass is never allowed into any of these festivals but that doesn’t stop you from celebrating in style with our extensive selection of plastic wine, champagne and shot glasses. Electric Picnic would not be complete without a picnic of your own. Browse our huge selection of colour co-ordinate table covers, disposable plates, napkins, cups and cutlery.

Birthday Shot Glass - 18th

Decorate your tent or camper with gorgeous bunting and flags and most importantly, enjoy the festival, stay safe, sing and dance and avail of all the other great activities that are part of the great music and arts festivals of Ireland.

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