How to plan a successful fancy dress party?

Fancy Dress - Swirl dress

Organizing a party can be a stressful experience and if you want something new and different you should go have a think about whether or not you would like something along the lines of a theme, and even fancy dress. Introducing fancy dress costumes can be a good ice breaker as well as a bit of good fun, and if you have the right theme you can incorporate the costumes with an activity that everyone will enjoy.

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If you’re stuck for fancy dress ideas and how to turn them into a party just think about what you enjoy and what you think your friends would like to do. A fun night can be a casino themed night, with either a modern ‘Oceans Eleven’ twist or an old fashioned classic feel like gangsters and molls. You can then have casino activities like a roulette table, poker and big band music to go with the costumes. This can be done in the same way for various other themes:

A beach theme party can have tropical cocktails, summer music from your generation and outdoor style games as long as the weather holds out such as swing ball, limbo and even volley ball for the more adventurous.

A movie themed party could see everyone dressed as their favourite actor or film character and you could play the best movie soundtracks in the background such as ‘Eye of the Tiger’ and ‘Fame’, even giving out Oscars for the best costumes.

At a Halloween style party you could play anything ghoulishly themed such as ‘Ghostbusters’ and play traditional kid’s Halloween games such as apple bobbing.

The trick to organising a good fancy dress party is to have fun with it; think about who’s coming and what they’d feel comfortable with. If most of your party are over 55 then volleyball might be a little ambitious. Make sure that the fancy dress costume can be as easy as possible for those short on time but that there is plenty of scope for those that are more creative to go to town.

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