How To Organize A Hen’s Party And Enjoy Maximum Fun With Your Friends?

Organizing a hen party can be hair-raising as there are so many things to check and organize to pull it off perfectly. Usually the maid-of-honor is the one selected to do this task. What can you do to make it a night for all to remember? The first thing to do is make a checklist of all the things that have to be done to organize the party.


Planning a Hen Night? Here Are Some Tips for Organizing a Fantastic Hen’s Party

Before you make a list of people who are going to be invited to the party, check with the bride on the party environment that she wants to have. There are many options to give such as a night out driving through the town’s streets and hitting at the best bar for drinks and pizza, hen party program at a reputed three or five star hotel, lingerie exchange in the living room, spa treatment, adventure activities alongside a party with music and drinks, party at a friend’s place with the best food and drinks etc. Once you have decided on this move onto making the guest list.


With the guest list ready, you need supplies. If you are going to organize and do everything by yourself, look into hen party supplies at party supply stores. There are many décor items available specifically for hen’s night such as banners, balloons, glittering danglers etc from which you can opt for what’s suitable for your event. Next is the food so look into caterers who can supply food for the event. This part is not required if the party is going to be held in a hotel or restaurant. You also need to look into gift items for everyone. Checkout party supply stores for items such as sashes, tiaras, T-shirts, scarves etc. Usually a loot bag is recommended and many stores have ready-made ones that you can buy just before the party.
Hold the party on a weekend as it will be easy for all to come. Do not arrange it the night before the big day. Select a venue that is easily accessible for all the girls. Use attractive décor items and play lovely music so that the party air is exciting and enjoyable.

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