How To Make Spooky Halloween Decorations

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For Halloween decorations, the spookier, the better! Even children appear to be immune to the creepiest and scariest Halloween decorations, so there’s no need to limit your imagination or creativity this Halloween. Chances are that you are in an informal competition with your friends to see who makes the spookiest Halloween decorations this year.

Spooky Halloween Decorations

Follow these ideas and there’s no doubt about who will emerge the winner in the much awaited Halloween party!

#1. Have a large transparent jar placed where everyone will see it (on the kitchen table, on your dining table, etc.). Make sure it is placed near other food items. Now get a high-quality printing of a human face (even your face!) and get it laminated and placed inside the jar, so that it is facing outside. Fill the jar with water so it looks like one of the jars in a medical lab filled with organs! Sit back and watch everyone visiting your home get spooked out of their skins!

#2. Create an illusion of floating and glowing witches’ hats. Just make the hats with a fireproof cloth, attach a bulb inside, and get it connected to a wire using a thin, transparent filament.

#3. Make life-size silhouettes of people in different scary positions. These can be printed and cut out from templates available on the internet. Have them placed strategically near all the windows of the house.

#4. Get your bathroom decked up like it’s the scene of a crime! All you have to do is splash some fake blood on some old linens, hang some skeletons, arrange for the speakers for some screams, etc. Step back and watch your guests scream in horror when they have to use the bathroom!

Halloween Decorations

If you are feeling lazy or short of time this year you can get all your spookiest, scariest, most horrifying, ghostly Halloween decorations online or from our Retail Outlet in Kilkenny, Ireland.

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