How to Make A Halloween Lantern Pumpkin

Lantern Pumpkin

Traditionally in Ireland Halloween lanterns were carved from turnips and required much skill & dexterity as they are solid to the core and much smaller than pumpkins. Nowadays it’s much easier to carve lanterns from pumpkins which originated in North America but are now grown as in Ireland.

Here’s a crop being harvested in Bennettsbridge just outside Kilkenny.

Halloween Lantern Pumpkin

Although, a recent custom in Ireland; Halloween would not be the same without a carved pumpkin to welcome Trick or Treaters to your home!

We have detailed instructions on how to carve your own pumpkin this Halloween

Things you will need

  • Large sized carving Pumpkin
  • Sharp, paring knife and serrated knife
  • Mellon-baller or spoon
  • Tealight candles
  • Chalk

Begin by cutting around the stalk, to create a removable cap.

1. Insert the knife at an oblique angle and make the hole large enough to allow you to reach inside the pumpkin.
2. Remove the seeds and flesh from the walls of the pumpkin using a melon baller or spoon.
3. Decide the kind of face you want to create. Generally the classic jack-o-lantern has a gape-toothed grin and triangular eyes and nose. Now turn the pumpkin around until its face is found, using chalk to draw the features straight onto its skin.
4. Use a serrated knife to cut out the mouth and paring knife to make small features.
5. Completed the carving, wipe any visible chalk, stray pumpkin seed or flesh from the outside.
6. Place it on the pier by your gate, on your doorstep or in your window and pop a battery operated pumpkin light inside. It is a much longer lasting option if you are placing the Jack-O’Lantern outdoors and it is much safer indoors than the traditional lighted candle / tea light.

Dress for Halloween

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