How To Do Scary Vampire Makeup And Pick The Right Costume To Get That Demon Look?

Vampire Makeup ideas

Halloween is the time when you can dress up in the most ghoulish costumes to entertain guests in the party. The scariest character that people like to dress up as is a vampire. It’s creepy, demonic look is unmatched by any other.

Vampire Makeup Costume Ideas

Scary Sexy Vampire Makeup

Doing vampire makeup is very interesting. The main colors that you would need are red, white and black. Additional colors that you are likely to use are purple and blue to enhance the scary look. While applying vampire makeup you have to be really precise as only then can the desired effect be achieved.

The first step to applying vampire make up is getting a sponge ready and some white face paint. Apply it all over the face and thickly to those areas that you want to highlight. Leave it to dry for a couple of minutes. Next apply lilac and grey paint on eyelids, forehead, sides of the nose and those areas where you have applied face paint thickly.

Vampire Makeup ideas

Next enhance the look of your eyes by applying eyeliner that’s really thick. Paint your eyebrows dark with black paint to give it a sharp edge so that your eyes look more prominent. Cover your lips with black paint and draw triangles at the corner of the lower lip for vampire teeth. Paint the inside of the teeth with white and use red face paint to create blood drops from the teeth.

Turn yourself into a blood thirsty demon with a fantastic vampire costume. Vampire costumes range from scary, classic, cute, elegant to sexy, so pick the look that you want to wear this Halloween and buy a costume that really brings out this creepy character. Look for accessories like retractable fangs and wigs. Check out the size before wearing because it should fit just right as a loose fitting costume can give you a shabby look. Also check if the material is comfortable to wear for long hours.

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