How to choose the correct fancy dress costume?

Fancy Dress

There can be nothing worse than getting an invite for a party that reads ‘fancy dress’ at the bottom. Whether they give you a theme or expect you to use your imagination to come up with fancy dress costume ideas, you might find yourself dreading it, which is not really what you want to be doing before a party; you should be looking forward to spending time with family and/or friends! If you’ve just had an invite, then the first thing you need to decide is if you are going to try to make your own costume, or whether you’re going to save yourself time and effort, and shop for a costume.

fancy dress

Buying fancy dress costumes can actually end up the cheaper option. By the time you’ve looked through your wardrobe and found something you can add to, bought any materials you need to make any accessories, or ruined whatever clothes you have picked out in order to make it look as realistic as possible, you’ve probably spent more than you would have buying it, and taken up a large portion of your weekend.

Choosing the right fancy dress costume is important and kind of depends on the kind of party it is. There are certain costumes that wouldn’t be suitable for a children’s party for example, or for one that you are expecting your parents or grandparents to be at! If it’s a party with friends then you can be more adventurous and have a bit more fun or even go a little sexier than you would normally. If it’s for a kids party or family ‘do’, it might be worth dressing up as cat woman a different night!

If you have no idea what to dress up as it can be worth looking online to get some inspiration. Obviously, it’s easier if there’s a theme such as movie stars or an era such as the 70’s or 80’s; it gives you a jumping off point. If there’s no theme then just think about what you like. If you’re a little self-conscious you may want to avoid anything too revealing, but if you love to shock you can go all out.

Fancy dress can be fun, as long as you pick the right costume. Give yourself plenty of time to choose so there’s no last minute rush, and I’m sure you’ll have a great time.

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