How To Arrange A Memorable Office Christmas Party?


It’s that time of year again when the boss asks you to arrange the Christmas party!

You want to do something that will be memorable and enjoyable for all and it’s likely you must keep all costs within an agreed budget. Sometimes that may be a single sum to cover all costs or it may be a ‘cost per head’ for each staff member.

Office Christmas

How you approach the planning will depend on the size of the workforce. It’s always useful to give your colleagues an opportunity to vote for their choice, picking the most popular option. This means, you provide 2 or 3 options, you must do the research and the costing to ensure you remain within budget and ensure there is fun built into the costs or you reserve a sum to add it as an extra.

Party Atmosphere

Most workplaces like to include a team building experience into the event, often working in the morning, setting the afternoon aside for team-building and keeping the evening for the meal and party – this is where you can make your mark and add a party atmosphere.

Santa Cap

Arrange with the venue to place party items such as Santa hats, wigs, reindeer antlers, Santa glasses and Christmas crackers at each place setting. Wearing these items helps to get the party swinging and leave the more formal workplace relationships back in the office.

Dress the Party Table

Add balloons and shiny Christmas tinsel to the table – this always brings a smile. Place little bunches of party poppers along the centre of the table and ask each staff member to prepare a short party piece for the evening. These always break down barriers and your guests will forget it’s a workplace party and begin to enjoy themselves. If the budget stretches to a couple of bottles of wine per table, all the better.

Christmas Crackers

Much of this work can be done online or with a few phone-calls followed by emails with the details. Buy your party items online from a good party shop who will deliver.

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