Here’s some recommendations for a great Halloween!

Themed Costumes!

We have a wide range of costumes perfect for any event, but a way to really make a gathering or party a lot more fun is to fit into a theme. A good one is High Seas, pirates and sailors are a great way to get together and make an evening so much better.

Other themes such as Hollywood, Disco & Westerns are a great way to have a laugh with friends along with making for great photos to look back on.

Cowboys, Sheriffs, Officers, Disco Dancers & everything in between. There is a perfect costume for everyone and every event.

Hats & Accessories!

A great way to bring together a costume are proper accessories. Where is a cowboy without their hat? A police officer without their badge? We are happy to help you make your perfect costume, we have the accessories for just about every costume and theme.

An easy and simple addition to any costume is a hat, of which we have so many styles you’re sure to find something to fit your ideal costume. Cowboy hats, bowler hats and dapper caps are perfect for westerns, officers and detectives. Farmer’s caps and Top hats for both sides of field along with a wide range of crowns, tiaras and wreaths for every job, role and character.

But those in search of a physical accessory we also offer a lot of props. Fake weapons, canes, staffs and handcuffs. Fit the role and get some applause for the great costume. With a great number of glasses and tools on offer. It’s a great time making a costume and an even better time doing it with friends to go out for a great night later.


Become someone else and change your entire look with the massive range of wigs. Blond, brunette, redhead and even more colours of the rainbow. Draw the spotlight with a fancy style or have a great time in a more exotic coloured design. Make a character costume perfect with this last touch or add the capstone to a great design. Not to mention having a great time with friends when taking pictures later on!

Where can these decorations be bought?
All these supplies and more can be found here at:

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