Here’s some recommendations for a great Halloween Costume!

Halloween Costume Hats


The first thing anyone notices about another person, the thing that stands out is hair, it’s colour and style. Become someone else entirely and change you entire look with a single touch. We have a massive range of wigs, from the normal blonder, brunette and redhead. To the more exotic pinks, blues and every colour of the rainbow. Steal the spotlight and never let it go with these different styles. From class and simple long hair, short and cute punk or even something more elaborate. You’ll make a perfect costume in no time and it’s a great place to start with when putting together a costume. The great way to start a night and set up some really fun pictures to look back on later on!


The next step is to decide, to hat or not to hat?

It’s a simple question but it completely changes the shape of your face and style. It can completely bring together a theme or gives everything a new slant. After all what is a cowboy without their hat? Or farmer without their cap?

That’s where we can help you. From the simple but always fun police caps, hard hats and bowler hats. To the high class crowns, top hats and tiaras. The range of themes is a great thing to look into for ideas on putting together a great costume.

Bring home the gold with our olive wreaths for the victor, catch the criminals with detective hats or even be the robber on the run with some masks and striped hats. Never let the chance for a bit of fun slip you by!


The next thing to think about is what the ideal accessories for your costume are. Every sheriff has a gun and badge, a police officer’s handcuffs and baton or a robber’s sack of loot. We’re here to help you fit your ideal role with our many,many,many,many different props.

Become a Viking with our helmets and prop weapons, a wizard with beard, hat and staff or even an axe wielding masked killer. It’s a great time to mess around and have fun with friends and loved ones to make memories to look back on together later. Make a night worth remembering together!

Themed Costumes!

We have a wide range of costumes perfect for any event, but a way to really make a gathering or party a lot more fun is to fit into a theme. A good one is High Seas, pirates and sailors are a great way to get together and make an evening so much better.

Other themes such as Hollywood, Disco & Westerns are a great way to have a laugh with friends along with making for great photos to look back on.

Cowboys, Sheriffs, Officers, Disco Dancers & everything in between. There is a perfect costume for everyone and every event.

Where can these decorations be bought?
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