Here Comes the Wedding Season

Bride Groom in Carriage Wedding

Although the weather isn’t currently all that great, the temperature has definitely risen, the snow has melted and the nights are longer. This is why so many people decide that this time of year is the best time for getting married. There is more chance of being able to spend time or have entertainment or a reception outdoors, you can choose a dress without worrying about needing a big coat, flowers last longer without frost and the longer day gives more hours for photos in natural light and outside.

Bride Groom in Carriage WeddingThere are a lot of big things to consider when thinking about getting married; the ceremony, the reception, entertainment, cakes, flowers, and in the middle of all of this it can be difficult to remember the smaller things, and we’re not talking about choosing to spend the rest of your life with someone! Small and simple touches can really make a wedding, and they can be the things that are really personal to you and say what you mean.

wedding candles IrelandWedding candles are a pretty new addition in the UK for weddings, but they have been a popular idea in the US for some time and the idea is appealing to a lot of people. Traditionally they are used during the ceremony, where at the beginning of the service a representative of the bride and the groom both light a small tapered candle, and at the end of the service as they are declared man and wife, they each take a candle and light a larger pillar candle together. Wedding candles are supposed to symbolise the union of two families as well as two people, and can be a very sweet moment in what can be an otherwise busy day.

Wedding favours to be given out to either everyone at the reception or just those closest can be increasingly personal. Traditionally they were a group of 5 sugared almonds, but these days they can be absolutely anything; people are having coloured sweets with their initials on, cakes and some aren’t even edible, they are giving out little gifts. Something special to take home is always nice for a guest.

Leading up to the big day, don’t forget that no wedding would be complete without a stag party and a hen party. Have a bit of fun before you settle down to the serious business of your marriage!

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