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Hen Party

When one of your girls is getting married, its such an exciting time. You are over the moon for your friend, you’re looking forward to the Wedding, but most of all – you get to plan the Hen Party! Planning a Hen Night can seem like a daunting or overwhelming task, but don’t panic. There are so many Hen Party Accessories available to make it easy to plan a great night.

Hen Party

Hen Parties are very personal to the Bride-to-be, but one thing is always the same – they are always fun! With the likelihood of some of the Hens meeting for the first time, how do you ensure that everyone gets involved and has fun? Hen Party ideas Games of course. There are so many available Hen Party Games such as Hen Party Dare Cards, or Mr and Mrs Quizzes. Hen Party Games double up as an ice-breaker for the squad to get the party started.

Wherever you choose to celebrate, make sure you have Hen Party Decorations. Choose from traditional Hen Party Foil Balloons in bright pink colours, or go for confetti and rose gold Latex Balloons. Hang up Hen Party Banners to show everyone what you’re celebrating. Better still, choose Personalised Hen Party Banners for a surprise for the Bride-to-be. Choose funny or embarrassing photos if you know she is up for a laugh, otherwise play it safe and choose nice photos of her. Whatever you choose, the hens will have great fun looking back at the memories. Hen Party Confetti is a great way to decorate the tables, especially if you are having the party away from home.

Hen Party must-haves include L Plates, Willy Straws and an Inflatable Husband! Sure to always be a laugh at any Hen Party celebration. Themed Hen Parties are popular with many choosing matching accessories for all of the hens. 1920’s is a glamorous theme where all of the hens dress up in Flapper Costumes, and accessories with Cigarette Holders, Gatsby Wigs and Feather Boas! Others choose more simple themes, with matching Hen Party Badges, Personalised Tshirts or colourfulTutu Skirts. Another great Hen Party Accessory is Hats or Hairbands, including Hen Party Boppers. Make sure the Bride gets a special one to stand out from the crowd, perhaps with an attached veil in preparation for the big day!

Hen Party Accessories may also be a souvenir for the hens of an amazing night, so make sure you choose great accessories.


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