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Isn’t the year going quickly, it seemed like only a minute ago that it was the start of 2013 but now the summer is coming to a close and we can start looking forward to the start of the autumn festivities, starting with Halloween; coming up in just over a month and a half.

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The merchandise will be coming out soon and it is definitely better to be thinking about how much fun you can have for Halloween sooner rather than later to make sure that you make your celebrations go with a bang, or a bump in the night.

If you’re planning for a best Halloween party than by getting in there early with supplies not only do you make sure that your party has the best accessories and decorations, but you get first pick of the Halloween costumes available; making sure that you have the look to make you the hostess with the most-ess, setting a high standard for your guests to follow.

If you’re just planning on a night out, or going to someone else’s party, then you should still start looking into Halloween fancy dress costumes in plenty of time.

This is especially important if, like a lot of people, you are not a standard size. Needing different sized costumes needn’t limit your choices as long as you get started in plenty of time.

There are costumes in a range of sizes available to both buy and rent from online fancy dress stores and shops from now onwards, so it’s worth looking at what there is now.

There are also more kinds of costumes now, you don’t have to stick with tradition with witches and devils. People are embracing Halloween in the way that the Americans do and thinking outside the box, with characters from films, icons, pop and rock stars and even cartoon characters.

See Video Halloween Is Coming song by Kidzone.

By shopping around and preparing for Halloween now, you can be sure that whatever you’re planning on doing, you will have a great time and stand out as one of the best party throwers or guests on the 31st October.

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