Halloween Decoration – Tips for Decorating Party Recipes and Snacks

Halloween party food

Whether you order Halloween party food from outside or cook something by yourself, I can still help you in making those Halloween recipes more interesting and attractive by my fantastic Halloween decoration ideas. Just be a little creative this year and see the fun.

Halloween party food

Create candy creatures:

This time you can serve incredible, beautiful candy creatures that can be easily created around lollipops or some candy sticks. Get some gumdrops and use them to create arms, legs and head top.

candy creatures

You can use some sugar dragees to create eyes and nose. Simply use different colors sugar dragees to decorate candy creature. You can even use them to create colorful legs and hands or cut them in the shade you want and create lovely candy creatures to attract all.

Create cakes in different shapes:

While planning for Halloween party food, cake is the first thing that comes into mind. This time think something different bake cake or pancakes in different shapes. This can be done easily using different baking trays available in the market.


You can frost cakes to form the shape of a castle, dinosaur or can form lovely elephants or butterfly. You can also decorate your cake with easily available Halloween decoration items like spider web, spider, skeleton, happy Halloween or pumpkin.

Create ghost hands:

popcorn hand

In Halloween treat, you can also create popcorn or potato hands easily. Take any creamy item and carve that to shape it like hands and easily put popcorn on those hands. Or you can simply fry potato in the shape of a hand and decorate the hands with red ketchup to form nails. This dish is very easy to cook and is loved by kids on the occasion of hallowed.

Pumpkin and Black cat Pinata:

This is one of the simplest ways to serve candies. Buy Pumpkin or Black cat Pinata and place candies in it to serve. This is one of the best and simplest ways to serve candies in the Halloween party supplies.

Pumpkin and Black cat pinata

Create cookies and sandwiches:

Simply prepare your favorite cookies and sandwiches, but this Halloween party supplies makes them look like a pumpkin, bat or spider. Use red and black icing to decorate them.

halloween sandwiches

Enjoy the fun of serving these delicious, attractive foods and get the appreciation.

To have more fun in party, create an ambience of a haunted house at your venue with dim red lights. Place all Halloween party snacks surrounding a horrifying creature like Undead Baby. Demonica the undead baby display an evil creature with red eyes flashing with anger and a horrifying sound to create an atmosphere in Halloween Party. You can also place props like crawling corpse that gets activated by stepping on a pressure pad. This show piece with scary voice and lights in eyes sets his arms off like it is dragging his rotten body across the floor.

halloween decoration

For decoration, there are unlimited ideas like you can have black door reaper to create a scary entrance or you can place, dancing skeletons or witches inside to have a look of a haunted house. Visit here, to know more ideas on Halloween decoration.

Also, visit this video for getting best Halloween party decoration ideas

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