Halloween Costumes and Customs in Ireland

Schools usually enjoy a mid-term break for Halloween and just prior to this break they choose a day when everyone goes to class in costume, complete with all accessories including face paints. Children love it and parents love to take their photos as they head out to door.

Costumes for Halloween Horrors

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Zombies, ghoulies and manic characters from history and fiction are favourites of most children who love to dress in costumes and pretend they are the ones who have come back from the dead to finish their business. The more blood and gore children can attach to their bodies and their outfits the better they are pleased. There are wonderful painted ‘Tattoo Sleeves’ to give the impression of a tat covered arm, latex wounds make them appear as if they’ve been mortally wounded with blood flowing from exposed flesh

Outfits for Halloween Magic

Not all children wish to appear grotesque and there are very many costumes for fairy princesses, wizards, and characters from Dickensian novels, Disney films and nursery stories for the very small.

Magic outfit halloween

While the former aim for shock / horror effect, the latter generate the ‘Awe factor’. They are dreamy, adorable and magical.

Regardless of which category fit’s your child, costume shops are chock-a-block with super-duper costumes at Halloween, it’s the best time to choose and buy from the greatest selection. Parents enjoy their childrens’ dressed-up appearance, take numerous photos and often keep the outfits as mementoes.


Fancy dress costumes range in price from ‘quite cheap’ to ‘moderate’ and as in all things ‘you get what you pay for’, the cheaper options often fail the ‘child test’ and it’s often better value to pay a little more for better quality. This quality applies to style, finish, material and embellishments.

Many parents like to create their own monsters and fairy queens from garments they already own or even old strips of material. With some creative pinning and a little shopping in the Costume Accessories department they can add face and body paints, glasses, moustaches, beards fake hands, Elvis like belts, medallions, vampire teeth, magic wands, crude cudgels, fierce swords, whips and much more.

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