Great Decoration Ideas For St Patrick’s Day That Always Brighten Up The Atmosphere

St Patrick’s Day Decoration Ideas

The main decoration for St Patrick’s Day is Shamrock. It is the symbol of the ‘Trinity’ as taught by St Patrick. Shamrock is a wild species of clover except it grows as a spring, is hardy enough to pop its head above the soil in the harsh winds of March. Traditionally, the shamrock was the only decoration worn and was picked from the hedgerows.

St Patrick’s Day Decoration Ideas

Every March, Ireland’s Taoiseach takes a bowl of fresh wild shamrock and presents it as a gift to the president of the United States. This is a very formal occasion, to cement relations and commemorate our Irish ancestors who emigrated to the US during and following the period of ‘Great Hunger’ in Ireland.

Artificial Decorations


Nowadays, as people move towards the cities and towns, they lose their relationship with their rural environment and are no longer able to source shamrock from the wild. Instead, they use store bought badges, hats, appliquéd badges etc.

Most Popular Decorations for St Patrick’s Day

The most popular decorations Ideas for St Patrick’s Day are always either green or green, white and gold to represent our flag.

St. Patrick's Day Decorations

  • – Green tinsel with little shamrock shapes protruding – drape around windows and on shelves.
  • – Green, white and gold streamers with little shamrocks and leprechauns.
  • – Balloons – foil with shamrock patterns and cut into shamrock shapes.
  • – Latex balloons in bunches of the Irish Tricolour.
  • – Table napkins in green, or with a shamrock pattern or in the colours of the Irish flag.
  • – Shamrock shaped foil confetti sprinkled lightly on the dining table gives it a great lift.
  • – Irish flags give a sense of ethnicity to every event whether at home or in a hired venue.
  • – Strategically positioned leprechaun hats and crocks of gold add humour and brightness to every venue.

kiss me I'm irish Decoration

Browse online for ideas to pimp up your St Patrick’s Day party, make it as classy or as crazy as you like with brilliant ideas in green, green and more green with maybe a little white and gold for contrast.

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