Get your Ultimate Halloween Costume Sorted with Our Range of Men’s Fancy Dress Outfits : Celebrate It

Don’t have a horrific Halloween by making sure you pick a great costume on time. Every year, men and women run into the costume shops and pick up simple costumes in a last minute rush. That’s all well and good if you want a simple costume, but if you’re going to invest in a fancy dress costume you are better off making it a good one that you’ll be excited to wear again.


What makes a Halloween costume great, is careful planning. You will want to decide if you want to go for a traditional scary look or a funny costume. Halloween costume trends tend to centre around the latest movie releases and popular TV series. Politics and news stories also influence costumes, in particular the funnier styles. Some scary costumes are always in style such as Ghosts, Zombies and Vampires and you can really add to these to create a terrifying effect. Movie-inspired costumes of late are often Clown and Zombie costumes. 

Whatever costume you decide on, don’t leave it at that. Take it to the next level by adding accessories. For example, if you choose to impersonate a rockstar, complete the look with an inflatable guitar and some eyeliner. If you choose a Clown costume, wigs, masks and makeup will add a horrifying element to really give a scare. There are lots of videos online to help you with the face paint to get it just right. Zombie and vampire costumes can be enhanced with fake blood and scars made from liquid latex. 

Other accessories include wigs, glasses and jewellery. For example, no rapper costume is complete without a gold dollar necklace. A pirate costume will look better with an eyepatch and a parrot on your shoulder. A fighter pilot needs aviator glasses. And a Cop costume will be more convincing with a badge and plastic gun. 

Adding accessories and makeup will give the impression that you put thought and effort in, which everyone you meet will appreciate. Who knows, you might even win a Halloween Costume Competition!

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