First Holy Communion Decoration Ideas

First Holy Communion

The first holy communion is one of the important stages of the initiation of catholic life. Thus it becomes important that you celebrate this joyous day with your friends and family and make it more memorable for your child. Although it is true that planning a party along with taking care of the ceremony may become a little tricky for you. but, do not worry, in this blog we have put together certain ideas for you that may help you with the decoration of your party.

The first and foremost is to take care of the invitation cards. There are a lot of options to choose from, either you can go for the classic version which in our opinion is the best version. You can always add a grapevine or an angel to add to the look of it. Other than this you can also choose from the cross-shaped card or the ones that come with a cross attached to them. Finally, you can eliminate the paper cards and go for the online cards, you can add the photo of your girl or boy and give a more personalised look.

When it comes to the decoration it is important that you take care of not only the seating arrangement of the party but also the additional oomph. A backdrop light would go really well with the ceremony. This is a gender-neutral idea since white fairy lights would suit both boys as well as girl communion party. You can also create a photo wall for your child. From the birth of your kid to the most recent picture, you can place it all as a piece of art that will allow the guests to have a look at the progress of your child as well as be a great way to cover a wall. coming back to the sitting arrangement, you can always add a beautiful centrepiece to add to the elegance of your party. Scented candles are one of the best and safest option. It also has a different meaning to it, representing the light that it brings in the life of your child.  

Finally, no party is complete without a cake. A rosary case is the most common choice of cake in holy communion parties. White cake with the favourite colour of your girl or boy as the choice of colour for the rosary will be the cherry on top for your party.  

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