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Party Confetti Cannons

Best Confetti Cannon’s in Ireland

It’s the party season right now. Family gatherings, birthdays, pre-Christmas work parties, Hen & Stag parties for New Year weddings and of course many like to get married in November and December in Ireland.

You’ve done all the planning, booking, inviting and arranging. You’ve gone over the list again and again and you hope you’ve got it all covered.


Confetti Cannons for the Surprise Element

Make your party pop with confetti cannons. These are wonderful to set the party going and to announce a big moment like the toast or the first dance or the entry of a surprise guest.

We stock all the usual glitter and multi-coloured confetti cannons in small, medium and large for the venue with the high ceiling. Just a twist and you have an explosion of floating colour and sparkle. Always ensure you are pointing them up to the ceiling for safety and to ensure the confetti gracefully floats down.

The Wow Moment of the Party

If you really want to try something different and unusual, check out our fantastic new range of beautiful petal and butterfly confetti cannons. Firing these makes a wonderful statement as the butterflies or petals explode into the air and gently float down to the newly married couple or the guest of honour. It’s a ‘Wow Moment’ and a great photo opportunity.

Confetti Cannons

Butterfly and Petal Cannons

The Butterfly and Petal Cannons are unique to Celebrate It and come with white and pink confetti and are extremely popular for weddings. Some like to explode them over the tables at the time of the toasts and other like to reserve the big moment for the first dance. You can imagine the magic feeling of gliding across the dance floor for your first dance with your new husband/wife as the butterflies and/or petals float down from above over you both and on to the floor. That’s a photo that will grace the wall for many, many years and it will be a ‘talked about’ moment among your guests.

Order your cannons to make your party explosive.

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