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Christmas Decorations

Christmas is just around the corner, and so it’s time to get the preparations underway! It’s time to write the shopping list, lift the Christmas decorations down out of the attic and untangle the fairy lights. But before the big day comes to a Christmas tradition as old as time – The nativity. Whether it’s in school, church, the community hall, or your sitting room – the nativity is a wonderful way to start the Christmas Celebrations and remind us what it’s all about.

The lead roles of the nativity play are Mary and Joseph. While Jesus may be the central character of the play, he is usually played by a baby doll. Mary’s costumes are usually blue and white and feature a headpiece and long dress. Joseph’s costumes are similar but are usually brown and white. Traditionally, children would wear their dressing gowns with a tea towel on their heads! While this is effective, Christmas Nativity costumes have gotten popular and Mary and Joseph’s costumes are available to buy from costume shops. Both Mary costumes and Joseph costumes are available in both child and adult sizes to cover a range of Nativity plays.

The three Wise Men are also important roles in the Nativity play. Wisemen costumes and King crowns are available to buy from good costume shops. You might even be lucky enough to find the accessories – gold, frankincense, and myrrh! Wisemen costumes usually feature bright colors and shiny gold to show their riches. Again, Wisemen costumes are available in child and adult sizes for whatever you need.

Next are the shepherds. Shepherds’ costumes are similar to Joseph costumes; children often opt to wear dressing gowns and tea towel headpieces. However, it is possible to purchase excellent Shepherd costumes that might even include staff for herding your sheep! If not, good costume shops may sell Christmas Nativity accessories separately such as staff and inflatable sheep.

The Angel Gabriel is another big role in the nativity play, and costume shops are sure to have Angel costumes among their Christmas costume selection. Angel costumes are made for both boys and girls, as well as adults. Angel Costumes often feature Angel accessories such as a halo, or Angel wings. These may come with the costume or may be sold separately. Or you could get really creative and try to make your own!

The Nativity play is set in a manger in Bethlehem, in a shepherd’s field. So naturally, there are animals in the manger keeping warm! There are lots of other smaller roles in the nativity so there is something for everyone. These might include Star costumes, Sheep costumes, or donkey costumes to set the scene in the manger. You might even find a Christmas tree costume in there! 

Christmas is a special time of year, and the Nativity is one of the most important parts of the festivities. So if you’re lucky to be playing a role in the Christmas play this year, enjoy every moment! Merry Christmas.

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