Popular Disney Halloween Costumes for Adults and Kids This Halloween

frozen anna - Cinderella

Halloween brings out the naughty kid in all of us. Lots of girls dream about dressing up like Disney’s princesses or being one when they are little, but the really special ones keep on believing in fairy tales long after they have grown up. These Sweet Disney princesses are known for dealing with difficult situations and triumphing over them. What’s better than having an opportunity to dress up like a Disney princess or someone from your favourite TV show?


Disney Princess Halloween Costumes

Disney Princess Halloween costumes will make your dream finally come true. How about dressing as Cinderella finding true love after cruel life or Ariel who dreamed of having legs, even though her under-water life was everything a girl could hope for? Explore all these possibilities this Halloween and play the role of a storybook princess by wearing Disney princess Halloween costumes of your favourite princess.

We have Halloween costumes ranging from Wonder Women to toddler Disney Princesses.  Whether you are looking for Gothic Vampires, authentic Witches or something sexy like Ariel’s costume, there’s something for everyone in our a huge selection at www.celebrateit.ie. We stock everything you need in our hair-raising range of fancy dress Halloween costumes and accessories to set your spooky terror festivities off with a scream. Choose from ghoulish skeletons, vicious vampires, wicked witches, scary Pumpkins and terrifying Zombie Halloween fancy dress costumes. Accessorise with frightening masks & prize winning Jack-O-lantern.   We have a whole haunted house full of creepy costumes and spooky accessories and we will help you find your thrills and chills.

creepy costumes and spooky accessories

You don’t need to rub a lamp to become Jasmine. You will find all your costumes for a total makeover in our store or from our online shop. Your little girl can become the princess she loves to watch in the movies, your little boy can become the pirate or the zombie doing battle or scaring his friends. Just play the role of a real-life fairy godmother by gifting sweet Disney princess Halloween costumes for your kids and let them be their favourite character over and over again.

If you can’t get into town, you can buy online. We dispatch all purchases within 24 hours.

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