Decorating Supermarkets, Department Store Promotions

Supermarket Balloon Decoration

Every business occasionally runs a promotion either to highlight a new product or for a seasonal sale.  The question ever sales manager asks at this time is ‘How can we make this offer different’?  ‘How can we attract customers to our promotion’?

Celebrate It‘ Does it Better!

More & more the answer is ‘Celebrate It‘!  Trading in Kilkenny since 2004 our client base has grown to include not only personal shoppers both online and in store but also business managers of many of the major business in the south east, not least of these are supermarkets

Our clients choose us because we are a ‘one stop shop’ for bespoke personalised decorations.  We work with our clients to their requirements and we are always delighted to install the decor, allowing them to get on with their own work.

The following are some pics of our most recent installations

Supermarket Promotion Decoation
Balloon Arch – Supermarket Promotion Decoration

Supermarket ‘New Product Promotion’

Supermarket Balloon Decoration
Supermarket Balloon Decoration

Supermarket Entrance ‘Balloon Arch’

Tri-colour Balloon Arch
Tri-colour Balloon Arch

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