Crazy & Creative Couples Halloween Costumes For Adults 2017

Playing Cards - Couples Costumes

Going out as a couple for Halloween is fun and all the more exciting if you have costumes that match or that are each as scary as the other! It is like double trouble with a twist. Being a couple actually gives you more choices to get really creative and crazy, so here are some ideas for costumes for adults for Halloween 2017 that will get admiring looks from everyone around you!

Playing Cards - Couples Costumes

Get dressed as the kinky and sexy couple from Fifty Shades of Grey. This is easy to put together and popular as well. All you need for the male outfit is a grey suit, tie, white shirt, and for the lady, a nicely fitted black dress, sequined mask, and of course, don’t forget the handcuffs, feather toy, or a riding crop!

Dress as the power couple from the Game of Thrones, Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen. For Khal’s costume, you would need a tube top to tie around your abdomen, belt, toy sword, khakhi pants, fake ponytail, and lots of black eyeliner and eye shadow. For Daenery’s costume, you would need a blonde wig, a long flowing sleeveless dress, lace up sandals, and don’t forget to carry a dragon egg, which should be a large Easter egg painted in a dark shade.

Bacon n' Eggs - Couples Costumes

Dress up as zombies, complete your look with white face makeup, fake blood dripping from your lips, grimy and tattered clothes, and dirty fingernails!

Women can wear spooky costumes like a Horror Zombie school girl, bewitching witch, midnight vampires or sexy cat witch etc. while men can try green giant costume, Marvel’s Hulk costume, adult Ninja or Star Wars Darth Vader costume etc.

You may find most of your costume in your own home / wardrobe, you can get ideas by searching our costumes and masks and don’t forget to if you are short of accessories you can pop into our store or buy online.

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