Contemporary Halloween Celebrations for Adults in Ireland

Halloween is celebrated all over Ireland by adults and children alike.  Based on ancient druidic beliefs associated with Samhain, Halloween is celebrated somewhat differently today when adults like to dress up in costumes, masks and wigs to party and have fun.

Halloween (Samhain) is the time when it was believed the barrier between the ‘living’  world and the ‘other’ world was thin and penetrable by the undead and those who left unfinished business in the world of the ‘living’.  Not just an Irish tradition, the end of October is a time for a huge festival of several days in places like Mexico, where they celebrate the ‘Day of the Dead’

day of the dead

It is the season for masked balls, fundraising events and business landmark celebrations.  For the average adult in Ireland – it’s a time to dress up in costume, add all the Halloween Accessories and attend one of these themed parties as their alter-ego.

Shopping for Halloween Costumes

From mid October, adults are seen scouring the shelves and racks of second hand stores and good costume shops (depending on their budget) for the ‘to die for Halloween Costume‘.  The range is so vast, it’s possible to dress up and look exactly like your hero from history, an arch villain or a super-hero from fiction, a replica of an individual described in folklore tales, a witch, the bearer of riches or the harbinger of doom.

halloween shopping

Outdoor Fun at Halloween

Bonfires, fireworks and crackers all add to the fun of the outdoor party but the weather is often cold and revellers are often drawn to the warmth of the indoors.  Warm outer clothing is removed to reveal bling and sparkle for those who like to look pretty while blood, gore, torn rags and vicious weapons are the stock in trade for those who wish to celebrate the darker lore of the season.  This latter group represent the belief in the restlessness of the undead and their activities.


Traditional Samhain characters include The Grim Reaper who comes calling to remove the living to the ‘other world’, ghosts who are floating between both worlds, ghouls who left unfinished business when they were called by the Grim Reaper and of course Witches.  Halloween is synonymous with witches, cats and all entities that appear to move between both worlds


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