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It is always advisable that you plan your confirmation party ahead of the religious event. It is a big day in the child’s life and since most of the day will be taken up the religious event that will take place in the church, it is wise that you plan your party ahead so that on the very day of the confirmation, you are free from all the worries. In this blog, we will help you with certain ideas to make the entire process of party planning a little easier for you.

  1. Invitation cards: You have to start by inviting all your family and friends to this important event of your child’s life. You can either choose a classic paper invitation card or go for an online one.
  2. Food: The most important part of any gathering is food. Once the food is out people ignore the rest of it. Thus, the only thing that needs to spend a lot of time is on the food. be versatile and add as many options as you can. When it comes to serving the same, you are free to choose whatever system suits you. You can go for a seated meal or a buffet. Although, this may add certain differences in the menu that you should keep in mind. 
  3. Party Activities: This is an auspicious day in the life of every child. The usual process is that the family members come together and congratulate the confirmed child and then share a meal with him or her. They also present the child with a lot of religious gifts while the parent usually presents the child with a religious promise ring. You can always get it custom-made, and add a slot for a speech from the parents or any family member about their faith and god. You can also plan some fun games or activities for all the kids present at the party.
  4. Party Decoration: These days personalized gifts are in fashion. Everyone prefers giving something that they can remember the event by. Personalized candles or personalized calendars are the best options to give your guests as a return gift for attending your party.
  5. Dessert: No party is complete without a dessert. Everyone enjoys a little something sweet at the end of the meal. Ordering a cake would serve both your purposes. Your child can enjoy cutting a cake and feeling special and you can serve it to all your guests and let them enjoy the deliciousness. 

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