Confirmation Party Planning Ideas Dublin Ireland


It’s always a good idea that you plan your confirmation party ahead of the religious event. It’s a big day in the child’s life and since most of the day will be taken up the ceremony. It makes it easier than you plan your party ahead of time so that on the day of the party, you’re free from all your worries. In this blog, we’ll help you come up with ideas to make the whole process of planning the party a little easier for you.

  1. Invitation cards: A good starting place is to invite all your family and friends to this important event in your child’s life. You can either choose a classic paper invitation card or go for an online one. From here there is a wide range of styles to pick from!
  2. Food: An important part of any party is the food. Nothing brings people together as a good meal shared together. So it’s a good choice to have a decent variety and choice around for everyone. When it comes to serving, you’re free to go with whatever system suits you. You can go for a seated meal or a buffet. Although, this may add steps you’d need to keep in mind when picking the menu that you should keep in mind. 
  3. Party Activities: This is a big day in the life of any child. The usual way things go, that your family comes together and celebrates the child’s confirmation. Everyone shares a meal together. Gifts are given and jokes are made. It’s a great time for everyone and not something you forget easily. You can easily make it better by arranging a few activities to have everyone play and have a good time together. Entertain the young kids and adults with some thought. Nobody will go home without a smile.
  4. Party Decoration: These days personalized gifts are very thoughtful. Everyone likes getting keepsakes that they can remember the day by. Personalized candles or personalized clothes are a great option to give your guests as a keepsake gift for attending your party.
  5. Dessert: No party is complete without a dessert. Everyone enjoys a little something sweet at the end of the nice meal. Ordering a cake is a great capstone to a great day too! Your child can enjoy cutting a cake, feeling special as everyone comes together to celebrate their next step in life. You then get to serve it to all your guests and let them enjoy the deliciousness together!

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