Contemporary Halloween Celebrations for Adults in Ireland

Halloween is celebrated all over Ireland by adults and children alike.  Based on ancient druidic beliefs associated with Samhain, Halloween is celebrated somewhat differently today when adults like to dress up in costumes, masks and wigs to party and have fun. Halloween (Samhain) is the time when it was believed […]

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Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids & Adults 2018

Sexy Halloween Costumes for Men & Women

With Halloween being so close finding the right costume for the occasion can start to feel pretty argent. There are many types of costumes to choose from and many different style and themes to consider so here are a short list of the most popular costumes sold in Celebrate It […]

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Best Halloween Decorations & Decorating Ideas For 2017


Everyone wants to have a party that’s memorable and what better way of doing this than to set a theme. Halloween is a fun party to organise because the theme is so broad. Decorating Ideas for 2017 You can include witches, cats, broomsticks – all the better if you are […]

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