Remarkable Fancy Dress Ideas That Stand Out From The Present

Christmas costume

It’s the time a year again where the festive sprite is in the air. Friends and family will gather together to celebrate the season, exchange gifts and shear in a meal. Being one of the busiest times of the there is a lot of different things going on at once […]

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Irish Music & Art’s Festival Accessories

Summertime in Ireland is dotted with weekend music and arts festivals. The newest addition in 2018 ‘All Together Now’ in Curragmore Estate outside Portlaw proved to be a fantastic success. Those who attended considered it on a par with Electric Picnic which has been running for 10 years but more […]

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Top 5 Best Costumes For Christmas 2018


Between Christmas plays, dressing up for holiday photos or Christmas themed parties Christmas is the second most popular time of year for fancy dress costumes. With being such a popular time of year for everyone it’s never too early or late to plan for the season. Here are the top 5 costumes […]

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Unique & Unusual Fancy Dress Costume Ideas For Children

Blue Nurse Costume

It sometimes seems as if children have birthday parties and suchlike all year and it can be difficult to find a new or unusual fancy dress costume for them to wear. It’s always best to engage the child him/herself in this decision regardless of their age, it teaches them values […]

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Best Christmas Costumes For Adults And Children

Child and Adult Costume

Christmas is a time for themed dressing up – men, women and children alike enjoy dressing in various outfits to represent the season of goodwill. Mens Costumes for Christmas The quintessential Christmas costume is of course the main man himself – Santa Claus. These costumes come in a light material […]

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Best Jesus Christ Costume for Children

Jesus Costume

Many beliefs deem Christmas to be a religious festival, having its roots in its name ‘Christ Mass’ which is a celebration on the anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ. Many schools teach the story of Christmas through role-play and drama each year. Each child is given a role, they […]

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The Best Christmas Costumes for Children

Kids Costume

Christmas is just around the corner. It’s children’s favourite time of the year and they are eagerly anticipating the fun of dressing up in costumes, performing in nativity play’s at school, attending children’s Xmas parties and dressing just for fun in their favourite festive character. There are a huge range […]

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Bright Your Home with Christmas Lights

LED light for Chrsitmas

Everyone loves to decorate their homes, both inside and outside for Christmas and Xmas lights are the brightest and cheeriest means of achieving this. Christmas tree lights come in colours, shapes and lights inside shapes to decorate the centre piece of every home in December. There are some fantastic lights […]

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