Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids & Adults 2018

Sexy Halloween Costumes for Men & Women

With Halloween being so close finding the right costume for the occasion can start to feel pretty argent. There are many types of costumes to choose from and many different style and themes to consider so here are a short list of the most popular costumes sold in Celebrate It […]

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Irish Music & Art’s Festival Accessories

Summertime in Ireland is dotted with weekend music and arts festivals. The newest addition in 2018 ‘All Together Now’ in Curragmore Estate outside Portlaw proved to be a fantastic success. Those who attended considered it on a par with Electric Picnic which has been running for 10 years but more […]

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Unique & Unusual Fancy Dress Costume Ideas For Children

Blue Nurse Costume

It sometimes seems as if children have birthday parties and suchlike all year and it can be difficult to find a new or unusual fancy dress costume for them to wear. It’s always best to engage the child him/herself in this decision regardless of their age, it teaches them values […]

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Best Jesus Christ Costume for Children

Jesus Costume

Many beliefs deem Christmas to be a religious festival, having its roots in its name ‘Christ Mass’ which is a celebration on the anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ. Many schools teach the story of Christmas through role-play and drama each year. Each child is given a role, they […]

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Unique Homemade Halloween Costumes for Babies and Toddlers

Halloween Scary Costume

Babies and toddlers are often the center of attraction in any Halloween party in Ireland. Their everyday cuteness are taken up several notches when they dress in creative Halloween costumes. If you have a baby or toddler (or both), you can use everyday household items put together in creative ways […]

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Celebrate The Christmas Season Wearing Lovely Nativity Costumes

merry christmas nativity costumes

If you are looking for a costume that gives a different look this Christmas, check out nativity costumes. There are so many characters to select from, so you can be sure of finding something suitable for yourself. Christmas nativity costumes are usually required for plays in churches, private schools or […]

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How To Find An Attractive Nativity Costume for This Christmas Season?

Christmas Nativity Costumes

If you are seeking a striking costume for this Christmas season, look into nativity costumes. Modeled on characters of the Christian religion, they are a sheer delight to wear. You will surprise yourself and everyone else with the costume’s look. These costumes are available for adults, kids and even infants. […]

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