Best Wedding Candles to Suit Your Budget

wedding candles

Weddings are a big occasion in everybody’s life, regardless of whether you are one of the couple getting married, bridesmaids / groomsmen or parents of the couple. Everyone is deeply involved in the excitement and preparation and they’ve all got each other’s back, each reminding the other of miscellaneous items on the ‘to-do’ list.

Wedding Candles

Wedding Candles – Individually Crafted

The main priorities are usually to book the hotel, photographer and registrar / priest depending on whether the couple are choosing a civil ceremony or an church event. One of the miscellaneous items that’s very easy to overlook until its too late are the wedding candles.

Candles are symbols of light along life’s path and illumination in life’s’ difficult times (light bulb moments). The ritual of the couple each lighting their own candle and each bringing this flame to the main candle symbolises unity and oneness in their life into the future.

Wedding Candles

Many couples like to preserve this main candle and use it again when they are christening their future children. This symbolism connects these life events into a continuous story.

For the reasons outlined above it’s important to choose the wedding candles with consideration and care. How are they presented, how will they store etc?

Celebrate It have build a strong reputation of creating beautiful candles for life’s milestone moments such as christenings, weddings, birthdays, funerals. Each candle is painstakingly hand crafted to make a beautiful presentation piece.

The initial message, image / decoration are personally approved by the buyer and crafted on site, ready on an agreed collection date.

Each crafted candle is beautifully wrapped in cellophane with ribbons and flowers and presented in a tissue lined, ivory box; decorated with rings for a wedding. The packaging for candles for other occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, communions and confirmations etc are decorated according to the theme of the event.

Ensure the packaging of your wedding candles is robust as this will protect them into the future. These lovely personalised items can be used for anniversary celebrations & christening into the future and will remain as perfect as they day there were created if stored properly.

When they burn towards the end you can replace them – lighting the new from the old, giving continuity to the light into the future.

Hand-crafted personalised candles are wonderful gifts for any occasion but especially for a wedding because of the symbolism and the ritual. This symbolism can be extended for example when the combined efforts of both sets of parents or close family members from each of the couples’ family, organise the candles as a gift – thus uniting the extended family on both sides.

With strong, robust packaging it’s easy to store your candles afterwards. Keep them in a cool place, away from direct sunlight which can be detrimental.

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