Best Jesus Christ Costume for Children

Jesus Costume

Many beliefs deem Christmas to be a religious festival, having its roots in its name ‘Christ Mass’ which is a celebration on the anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ. Many schools teach the story of Christmas through role-play and drama each year. Each child is given a role, they learn their part and so begins their understanding of the events of over 2000 years ago.


Most schools work with the children to mount a performance for parents and invited guests before they break up for the Christmas holidays. There may be several stories of Jesus performed during the evening so as you can imagine the Jesus Christ outfit is in high demand.

Store Bought Costumes or Make Your Own

Some children opt to create their own with a long white garment and a robe & sash but none are able to replicate the beard and moustache – some paint them on and other go for the store bought version.

When dressing your child for the Nativity play or any of the other stories of Jesus at Christmas time remember the flat soles brown sandals with lacing, a long white or cream/white robe and a sash or belt. According to the bible stories Jesus was a simple poor person and dressed accordingly.

Browsing the web will give you great ideas on how to construct a costume including colours and materials or you can go for the easier option of simply buying a Jesus Christ costume. This is often the easier option in a busy life. Many good costume shops have an online facility where you can choose and buy the size you require and have it delivered within one – two working days.

If in doubt browse online locate the costume you need and don’t hesitate to give them a call to verify it’s in stock and check delivery time.

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