Best Halloween Decorations & Decorating Ideas For 2017


Everyone wants to have a party that’s memorable and what better way of doing this than to set a theme. Halloween is a fun party to organise because the theme is so broad.

Best Halloween Decorations & Decorating Ideas

Decorating Ideas for 2017

You can include witches, cats, broomsticks – all the better if you are lucky enough to have a full moon – allow it to shine in the windows through cut-outs of flying witches etc.

Halloween is also a time when the spirits of the this world and the other world mingle, so be sure to include some ghostly decoration and/or paranormal activity / sounds.

Crypts open as the Spirits rise, spiders and crawlies escape; they build webs and crawl in dark places and hide in unexpected corners – use lots of spider web and black spiders suspended from above. Dangle bats in doorways so they bounce off your guests as they enter.


These are all ideas on which to base your Halloween decorating. Use dark grey’s and blacks, brighten the scene with seasonal orange, yellow & red. Use harvest fruits such as pumpkins – carve cavities in them with holes for grotesque faces. Place candles inside and allow them to flicker with sinister intent.

Serve food that’s shaped like devils horns and spiders eggs. It’s a great idea to serve your Halloween punch from a large pot, but name it Witches Brew. Place miniature skull’s heads on cocktail sticks – you can make these from ready to roll icing and food dye.

Ask your guests to come dressed in costume with the theme of Halloween. It will be exciting to see all the different styles and interpretations assembled in one place.

Best Halloween Decorations

Use lots of streamers, bunting and balloons to brighten the party space. Consider some very low key outdoor lighting and allow the oranges, yellows and reds of your party space to leak though the windows to the outdoors.

Happy Halloween Party Time!

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