Best Halloween Accessories Year After Year

We all love to party at Halloween and we all love to dress up in costume for the various themed parties arranged over the bank holiday weekend. This can be expensive if there are several parties especially if you’ve got children.


Accessorising is the money saving answer to this problem. If you are creative, it’s easy to make a costume out of pieces of material, tshirts and old trousers. Save your costume from last year for the ‘big party’ but you can create your own design with the clever use of accessories, safety pins and a needle and thread.

One of the most versatile items to possess are a selection of face paints. Beads, eye glasses, boa’s belts, hats, wigs, masks, beards and moustaches will change your appearance, even when you are wearing your ordinary clothes beyond recognition.

TShirts can be painted with marker pens, torn or stitched with ribbon or feathers as can trousers.

Devil accessories

Accessories are for Next Year and the Year After

If you are not personally designed to ‘do it yourself’ take a look along the shelves in good costume shops.

Unlike a costume, buying accessories is an investment for the dress up artist. You can use them again and again to accessorise different outfits.

Take for instance a plain black eye mask – use with face paints one night and wear a beard & hat for the next party. It’s changed your look completely.

Cleverly chosen bat painted, orange tights can make a plain skirt and top or dress into a spooky outfit with the addition of a pointed hat and a broomstick.

The ideas are endless with Halloween accessories, they are cheap to buy and you can build up a collection suitable for all occasions at very little overall cost. Fake blood, cobwebs, face paints and masks are mainstays along with some well-chosen hats and gloves.

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