Best Christmas Costumes For Adults And Children

Child and Adult Costume

Christmas is a time for themed dressing up – men, women and children alike enjoy dressing in various outfits to represent the season of goodwill.

Mens Costumes for Christmas

The quintessential Christmas costume is of course the main man himself – Santa Claus. These costumes come in a light material and in a plush fleece, some come complete with glasses, hat / hood, beard and overshoes. They come is sizes suitable for children and adults -both men & women. It’s possible to create a very credible Santa or Mrs Claus if you already own a red outfit with accessories.

Santa Claus

There are stunning costumes for Mrs Claus – some are plush and ‘homely’ and others are glamorous and sexy and there are miniature outfits for children.

Snowman is another popular outfit during the Christmas Season and many people love to dress as characters from the nativity and traditional animals such as reindeer, donkey etc. Most schools do a nativity play for the parents before they disperse for Xmas holidays and they dress as all the characters from the Christmas story.

Mrs Claus

New Year’s Eve Costumes

New Year’s eve is a big celebration night in Ireland. There are many parties, masked balls, plays, performances and celebrations to say good bye to the old year and welcome the new one at the turn of midnight. This is the night when party people love to ‘go all out’ with their costume. Glamorous masks with glitz, sparkle and feathers, sparkling outfits with sequins and organza trims, voluminous wigs, full face masks of high profile characters, fun glasses and a myriad of other accessories.

Children costume

As Christmas is such a busy period for shopping and there are crowds in all the shops, it’s a great idea to shop online. You can see exactly what is available and even get great ideas on stunning Christmas and New Year’s Eve outfits for all the family for all occasions.

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