Best Christmas Cake Decorating Ideas

Christmas Cake Decoration

Decorated cakes are synonymous with celebrations and there are limitless options to decorate a cake for the biggest festive season of the year in Ireland – Christmas.

Traditional Recipes and Baking

The baking and decorating of cakes is a tradition within families. Recipes and baking / decorating techniques are handed down from generation to generation as are some of the trimmings. Daughters and sons are often proud to add a Robin, Holly or a Santa figure to the icing that had been used for years by her mother or to restore / recover an item from her grandmother’s era and include it in her 21st century masterpiece.

Cake Decoration

Iced cakes are given as gifts within families – the master baker often making two or three creations to give to other family members

Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to reuse cake decorations and not all cake decorations are reusable – this is where a visit to a good supplier is a must for quality and range.

Christmas Cake Decoration and Presentation

You will find everything; baking tins, cake boards, boxes for transportation and storage and cake stands for presentation. You can choose from a huge selection of roll out icing in every colour of the rainbow or make your own icing and decorate in traditional methods with the help of food colouring, icing sets, edible glues and sparkling angel dust. Make your own decorative messages on the icing with speciality pens in various colours.

Trim the finished cake with seasonal figurines and cake frills or make and decorate your own creations with miniature icing shape cutters coloured food dyes

The range is vast and many are surprised by how creative they can be when they see the items available to make a masterpiece.

If you are decorating the family Christmas cake this year, take a look online for ideas on the best, most exciting and delightful creations.

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