Awesome World Book Day Costume Ideas For Children

World Book Day fancy dress costumes

World Book Day is a charity in Ireland and the UK to help promote the habit of reading. It is promoted by schools all over Ireland. It’s a fun day for the children who are allowed to dress up as their favourite character from their favourite book for the day.

Roald Dahl Fantastic Mr Fox Costume

Children love to dress up, they love to have fun in school and they love to role-play. World Book Day tick’s all the boxes for them. While there are different ‘best sellers’ on the book scene every year, there are tried and trusted favourite writers such as Roahl Dahl, Dr Seuss, JK Rawling, David Walliams and C S Lewis – some old established writers and some are recent arrivals on the Children’s Book scene.

Children's Princess Costume

Demand this year seems to be solidly established for all the usual animal characters, fairy princesses and super-hero’s from Disney.


World Book Day Costumes for Children of All Ages

Willie Wanka, Fantastic Mr Fox and Matilda are always on the hit list of the book world and Where’s Wally is the puzzle every child wants to solve.

Wizard wands, cloaks, beards and glasses are costumes desired by many kids who are or who have enjoyed the Harry Potter books of JK Rowling. These are always very popular – year, after year after year…

Wizard Costume

Children’s Costumes based on Fictional Characters

As a children’s fiction writer David Walliams in relatively new on the scene but his books are very popular. Children love to dress up as Gangsta Granny and Mr Stink.

David Walliams Deluxe Gangsta Granny Costume

Dinosaur, Rabbit and Caterpillar costumes are often the first choice for the under five years and readers of The Gruffalo, Kipper, The Wibbly Pig.

As with all clothes, costumes vary somewhat in size and it’s useful to fit them. Allow space for the child’s own clothes underneath. Fancy dress costumes purchased for Book Day can then also be worn later in the spring for World Book Week.

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