Add the Personal touch to a Christening Party | Unique Christening Party Ideas

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The new arrival has brought much excitement to you and your family, and now that things are starting to settle down a little, it’s the perfect time to celebrate their Christening Day to welcome them to the world with all of your loved ones. The Christening Day is an exciting day in every parent’s lives, as your family and friends gather around to celebrate the new arrival. It is guaranteed to be a special day whatever happens, but there are some special touches you can add to make it extra memorable.

Christenings have a lot of traditions, such as pouring holy water on the baby’s head and lighting the Christening Candle. Nowadays, Personalised Christening Candles are very popular with parents as they work as a beautiful keepsake that can be taken through to Communion. Personalised Christening Candles come in different sizes and colours and can be personalised with your child’s name and photograph, as well as any details you choose to include such as the Christening date, venue, date of birth or Godparent’s names. They are also inexpensive, so it’s easy to see why they are so popular.

Other Personalised Christening Decorations include Christening Balloons and Christening Banners. There are lots of different Christening Balloons available to buy. You can purchase generic Christening Balloons printed with images and text, on latex or foil balloons. Usually Christning Balloons and Decorations are available in pink or blue but you may also find neutral colours if you prefer. Personalised Christening Balloons printed with your child’s name are a nice touch as it is the day you officially name your child after all. Some types may also allow you to print a beautiful photograph of your choice. Balloons look best tied in bunches of two or three, filled with helium and placed in the centre of a table. You can place a bunch of balloons on each table at your venue, or every second table to save money. Bubble balloons are very popular for Christenings, and this involves a colourful latex balloon being inflated inside a large clear balloon. These look fantastic at the door to invite guests to the celebration.

Christening Banners are an inexpensive but special decoration for any Christening celebration. These can be printed with your child’s photographs and any text you like in colours of your choice. These can also be kept as a keepsake or a decoration for your baby’s room. Remember to choose high quality images to be printed on your banner as these will look best. There are also lots of Christening Banners available to buy, and these can be matched to your balloons to keep within a theme.

Add some finishing touches with other Christening decorations such as confetti, plates and napkins and then you’re ready to celebrate it!

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