A checklist for your wedding

Wedding Decoration

Planning a Wedding is one difficult task. There are so many things to look at, so many decisions to make, so many guests to take care of. One can never find time to relax once they truly get in form and start planning their wedding. But it often happens that while taking care of so many things at once, you ought to miss one or two things. These things will only come in light either when the wedding is over, or when the need of the said thing arise.

Thus in order to help you plan your wedding a little better, we have come up with a checklist that you can look at while planning your wedding. Things mentioned under may or may not be something that you desire specifically but it surely will come in handy, after all having some extra help never harms anyone. So a list of things that we believe are a must in weddings is as follows:

  1. Book a place: You need to book a place for your wedding. The more you delay it the more the prices will increase and the chances of you booking it for your big day may get thin. So before anyone else book your dream location, go ahead and book it as soon as possible.
  2. Make a guest list: Knowing the correct number of guests is important. Everything you plan for your wedding, be it the sitting arrangement or the food or the capacity of the place you booked, it all depends on the number of people you are expecting. Hence, make a list get their RSPVs as soon as possible and make arrangements accordingly.
  3. Decoration: You have to take care of two places, the Church as well as the place you are giving your reception party. While you can keep the it simple and elegant in Church, you can go all the way in your wedding reception. You can add Wedding Ribbons, occasion specific balloons, lights, Wedding Candles, anything you wish for.

Food: Even though you might not get enough time to sit and eat properly, but your guests will. People tend to forget the decoration or the venue or other small details, but food is one such attribute to any wedding party that will leave a long lasting impression on the guests. So hire some great caterers, get a Wedding Cake, and make sure your guest enjoys the delicacies.

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