7 Christmas Rituals from Around the World

Christmas Rituals from Around the world

In Ukraine and Russia, Christmas is not celebrated on 25th December like in other countries. They celebrate it on 7th of January every year. This unusual date is because the priest still uses the old Julian calendar for religious celebrations. In the traditional Christmas celebrations, people fast and special prayers are said for 39 days, until the first shinning star appears in the sky on 6th evening.

Christmas Rituals from Around the world

In Ireland, it’s their tradition to leave a bottle of Guinness and mince pies out as a snack for Santa Claus.

St. Claus Day is Celebrated on the 6th Jan of every year in Germany. On the eve of Christmas day, kids leave out a boot or a shoe outside their door and the next morning small toys or candy appears in them for those who are good or else a golden birch if they are bad.

In United Kingdom, everyone prefers to celebrate Christmas with their families, they have a Christmas tree or maybe even 2 at home. Christmas tree decoration is a traditional family occasion for them. Streets, town and villages are decorated with Christmas lights and a famous person stitch on all the lightning. Thousand of people gather to see the big switch on around the beginning of November.

For many people in Japan, the traditional Christmas dinner for them is KFC. It’s so well marketed and popular that you have to make reservation for having your meal on Christmas day.

In Slovakia, at the beginning of Christmas night dinner, the head member of the family takes a spoon of their traditional disk known as “Loksa” and throw it up at the ceiling. The more the mixture remains glued to the ceiling the more richer his crop will be in the upcoming year.

According to Norwegian ancient belief, evil and witches spirits would emerge on Christmas night to steal steal brooms to ride the skies. All the brooms and similar cleaning implement are hidden on the Christmas eve and male members of the society fire their shotguns outside their homes to frighten these witches and evils away.

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