5 Top Trending Personalised Baby Gifts Ideas

Personalised Teddy Bear & Tshirt

Whether it’s a new arrival in the family or for a friend’s bundle of joy trying to find a gift for a baby can be harder than some would think. With there being a lot of things to choose from when it comes to personalised gifts for babies it can help to have an idea of what to expect when you looking around.

To make things a little more easier deciding on what you would like to get for the little one here is the top 5 selling personalised gifts for babies from Celebrate It party shop.

Top 5 for Baby Gifts

1. Baby Blankets: These where one of the top selling products last year. You can choose from bringing your own blanket to the store or one can be provided for you in either a blue or pink colour. The blanket can be embroidered with a message of your choice or a name of the baby the gift is for.

Personalised Embroidered Baby Blanket

2. Baby Bathrobe: This is another product that can be embroidered with a name of the baby the gift is for. The robe are available in both pink and blue. The baby robe has a hood to cover the baby’s head, the robe is made of soft material so there is no need to worry about agitating the baby’s skin so they should able the ware it with no issues.

Personalised Embroidered Child’s Bath Robe

3. Teddy Bear: When it comes to personalising a teddy the bear itself would not be written on but a small t-shirt that is a perfect fit for the bear will be personalised with a message or name of your choice.

Personalised Embroidered Teddy Bear

4. Baby Pillow: The pillows are made from soft velour and have a 3D bear attached to them. The pillow itself can be embroidered with the make of the child and is 13″ x 13″ in size and is available in the colours blue or pink.

Personalised Embroidered Baby Pillow

5. Baby Bibs: depending on what type of material you pick the baby bib can be either embroidered or have a vinyl print on it. The embroidery can be the babies name with a little design. The vinyl print can have any pitcher would like printed on the bib whether it a pitcher of the baby or the superman logo.

Personalised Baby Bib

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