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  • 1980s

    Our 1980’s fancy dress costumes reflect fashions, movies and music. Women - big ‘Tina Turner’ style hair and shoulder pads, men - open shirts/jackets revealing bare chests. Crazy wigs, bright colours, wide belts – character styled costumes from films such as ‘Blues Brothers’ Darth Vader, The Shining, Terminator, Star Trek, Labyrinth, Crocodile Dundee.

    Mix & match costumes, accessories, wigs and pair to create a ‘His and Hers’ from the 1980’s. Browse online and buy or drop into our store and fit the costumes in our large fitting rooms. Turn on the music and imagine you are right back in the 1980’s.

    Born in the 80's and want everyone to know? The decade with some of the worst hair and best music. We have great costumes for the legandary 80's including Pop Stars, Movie Icons and general bad fashion sense! 

  • 1960s and 70s

    Put the pop, rock, beat, blues, or folk record on the turntable and rock right into the 1960’s / 1970’s with costume styles for ‘Hippy’, ‘Go-Go Dancer’, ‘Fleece and Tasselled Waistcoats’, Bell-bottoms’, and ‘Drain-Pipe Jeans’, ‘Knee High Boots’ and ‘Satin Shirts’. Wear a costume and become a member of the Beetles or the Rolling Stones, Mrs Robinson or have Breakfast at Tiffany’s, rule like ‘The Godfather’ or play Duelling Banjo’s in Deliverance.

    Choose from men’s and women’s styles in a range of sizes. Add headbands, gloves, glasses, wigs etc for the complete effect. Celebrate It have the largest range of costumes in the region – shop online or visit our store to fit the garments.

    Feeling Groovy? Need a physodelic costume for a 60's or 70's themed party? We have a great range of costumes from the most shagadelic spy to tree hugging hippies. 

  • Retro 50's

    Party as a gangster or a bopper in 1950’s style costumes. Become Marilyn Monroe for an evening or rule the underworld as a gangster. Bop the night away on the dance floor or become a character from ‘Grease’ for the night.

    Sometimes planning, finding the costumes and transforming yourself into the character is as much fun as the party itself, especially if you are doing it with your friends. Themed parties become fun evenings – browse our costumes online, decide on your outfit or come into our large store to see them for yourself. Fit them in our dressing rooms and choose your accessories to complete the outfit.

    Celebrate It have a costume for almost every decade! Here we have all kinds of Retro 50's themed Costumes.

  • Fairytale

    With costumes from Celebrate It you can become anything or anybody you desire. Choose from our extensive range of Fairytale Costumes. Become an Lucky Leprechaun for St Patrick’s Day, a Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, a Wizard from Oz or the Queen of Hearts at a whim.

    Men & women can transform into historic characters from a Dickens novel, Robin Hood and Maid Marian, Knights in Shining Armour, Ringmasters. TV characters include Gomex Addams, Minnions, Garden Gnomes or monsters.

    Accessorise the costumes with wigs, masks, gloves, weapons, scars, blood, tinsel, sparkle, glasses and hats. We have fairytale costumes in various sizes for men, woman and children. Come in and take a look along our aisles or browse and buy online.

    All the magic and wonder of those sweet Fairtales you grew up with in some of the prettiest Costumes around. Princesses,Knights, Goldilocks and so much more.

  • Superheros

    Everybody wants to be a SuperHero or a SuperVillain at some stage of their lives. Make that dream come true with our amazing range of Superhero / Supervillain costumes for men, women and children.

    Become Marvel’s Spiderman or DC Bane, an Incredible Hulk or WonderWoman, Oroku "The Shredder" Saki, Captain America or Batman. Mix and match you Fancy Dress with capes, masks, hats, gloves and weapons.

    Complete the outfit with wigs, jewellery, wings, noses, teeth, mustaches, beards and face-paints. All our costumes are great quality and many come in small, medium and large. Mix and match and choose complimenting His & Hers costumes.

    Ever fancied saving the world? Here we have all kinds of Superheros and even those nasty Supervillans so you and your mates can duke it out comicbook style. 

  • The High Sea

    Celebrate the great legends of the High Seas with our costumes. Become a Ships Captain or a Sailor, join the navy for a night or even take to the skies as an RAF Pilot.

    Have outrageous fun as a Pirate of the Caribbean or dress as a Swashbuckling Babe, don a laced bodice and hat to become sexy Ship’s Mate or assume a stern demeanour to become a Buccaneer Lady Pirate.

    Smuggle Rum or wear a parrot on your shoulder. Accessorise your costume with sailor hats, eye patches and bloody swords. Dress boldly as an outlaw of the seas, conservatively in a dashing uniform or go for the sexy look with gorgeous costumes from Celebrate It.

    Take to the seas with one of our great nautical Costumes, Swashbuckling Pirates, Strict Marines and good olde Naval Officers. So now you can look like a burly sailor or a regal officer. 

  • Wild West

    Celebrate It have a huge range of Wild West costumes for men, women and children. You can dress as a Native Indian or a Rawhide Cowgirl, a Convict in Chains or a Deadwood Drifter.Try our sexy Burlesque Showgirl costumes dress as an Indian Scout or an Rhinestone Cowgirl.

    Mix & Match, dress in His & Hers and there are even smaller styles for children so that your whole family can tame the wild west for the party.

    Accessorise with wigs, face paints, whips and guns, tomahawks and lasso’s. Shop online with delivery or collection or browse our aisles for ideas on the best Wild West costumes in the region.

    Sadel Up and head out west with all the Cowboys and showgirls in the saloon. Fight the Indians and squaws with guns and arrowsor have a hoe-down in a barn, we have a costume for any of your western needs.

  • Uniforms

    Choose from a massive collection of Uniform Costumes at Celebrate It. Mix and Match with ‘His & Hers’ Become a Doctor and Nurse for the evening Wear an authentic Uniform costume and become a Policeman / woman, a Sea Captain, an Airline Pilot, Naval Officer or even a Grand National Jockey.

    Try out our gorgeous range of sexy Law Officer, Firefighter, Pin-up Sailor or Air Hostess costumes.

    Go retro with period costumes from WW1, WW2, 1916, American GI or RAF Aircrew outfits, Gestapo Officer or even Uncle Sam. Many costumes are complete with belts, hats, jackets or you can choose from our extensive range of accessories – Wigs, Moustaches, Glasses, Weapons, Stockings etc.

    Everyone loves a smart uniform and here we have them all. Cops, Army, Medical and more all here to protect and serve!

  • Naughty

    Everybody likes to let their naughty side out on occasions and we have a great collection of Naughty Costumes for these times. Choose from Naked Man – Adam a skin with a strategically placed fig leaf or Flasher if you want to let it all hang out.

    Cover up and become a Gropin’ Granny or bare it all in a Mankini, whatever you choose you can be sure to both shock and draw giggles from your friends.

    Shop online and get them delivered to any address of your choice or visit our store where you can fit them on for size. These are all great costumes for the guys on a stag night/weekend away or anytime they want a risqué outfit.

    For all you naughty minded folks out there this section holds all our funny and kinda nasty costumes. From pregnant nuns to dirty flashers get a giggle out of any croud in one of these outrageous costumes. 

    WARNING! Some of these costumes may be offensive to some.

  • Clowns

    Dress in clown costumes and be the centre of attention at the party - there are styles for men and women in wonderful clown colours - yellow, red, blue, green and purple.

    Take your pick from Sloppy Clown, Scary Clown, Hoop Clown or Cutie Clown Mix & match your outfit with Boot Covers and Wigs, Masks, Noses and Face Paints. Accessorise with Jewellery, Hats, Glasses, Bow Ties and Patches.

    Attend the party on your or co-ordinate your costume with your partner / companion for even more fun. Browse online or in our store, call us with any queries or use our live chat, our staff are always delighted to help you.

    Have you always wanted to run away and join a Circus? Well we have a great selection of Clowns for the whole family. Bright colourful ones, Scarey ones and even some Naughty ones!!!

Change your clothes and your demeanour and you can become anyone or anything – that our offer with our ‘Themed Costumes’. You can choose from an extensive range of styles and accessories for men, women and children. You can theme your venue and your entire party. You can move through the ages with fiction / non-fictional characters and you can become a Historic Hero, a Sci-Fi Villain or visa versa.

Choose from… 

Sixties & Seventies
Fairy Tale
The High Sea’s
The Wild West
Naughty Costumes

Make your party insanely great with the very latest trend in fancy dress / costume ideas – complete the ensemble and disguise yourself completely with amazing accessories. We offer the largest range of costumes in the region at the most affordable prices. There is no need to ‘break the bank’ to go wild at your next themed party.

We offer a complete online customer service for you to painlessly and effortlessly co-ordinate your party with your guests. Costumes come in all different styles and themes and here we have a great little section to help you find the right costume for your party.